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2023 State Agency Fees

The following fee and fine reports are based on the survey responses from state agencies and updates to statutes affecting fees and fines since the surveys were received. For purposes of the reports, a "fee" includes a charge, assessment, premium, cost, forfeiture, etc. Examples of fees are professional license fees, inspection fees, permit fees, program fees, administrative fees, and health service copayments. The reports do not include fees or fines charged by one state agency to another state agency. If you have any questions regarding the reports, please email:

Please note for 2023: S.B. 131 of the 134th General Assembly, effective April 3, 2023, impacts licensing requirements for many agencies, boards, and commissions, likely later in 2023. For more information on this act and its impact, visit the Ohio General Assembly's website for S.B. 131.

Agency Reports