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1980 - 1989 Special Reports

For copies of listed reports that are unavailable in electronic format, please contact the LSC library at 614-466-2241.

  • Administration of Human Services Programs (1988)
  • Regulation of Local Government Debt (1988)
  • The Use of a Commission to Address the Needs of the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired (1984)
  • Implementing the International Registration Plan in Ohio a Feasibility Study (1984)
  • A Review of the Ohio General Relief Work Relief Program and Selected Alternatives (1984)
  • A Review of the Ohio general relief work relief program and selected alternatives : unabridged report (1984)
  • A Study of Rural Crime in Ohio and of the Perceptions of Rural Sheriffs and Residents with Respect to Rural Crime (1983)
  • Increasing Provision of Extended Area Service by Ohio Telephone Companies (1983)
  • Client-Oriented Evaluation of Certain Administrative Activities of the Bureau of Employment Services (1983)
  • Depreciation Policy for the Ohio Telephone Industry (1983)
  • The Consolidation of the Ohio Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) with the Ohio Energy Credit Program (ECP) (1983)
  • Hazardous Substances in the Workplace : Focus on Ohio (1983)
  • Financial Assistance for Personal Care Services for Severely Physically Disabled Persons (1982)
  • Travel and Tourism in Ohio (1980)