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LSC Career Opportunities

Application Procedures

LSC job openings are posted on the State of Ohio Employment Website and on this website under Employment Overview. To apply for an open position, a person must complete the application on the state website. Those seeking a position with the Office of Research and Drafting or the Legislative Budget Office also must provide a cover letter, résumé, college transcripts, and a legal brief or research paper as a writing sample.

As part of the application, all applicants must execute an agreement that permits LSC to conduct a background check. This check typically involves reviewing court and law enforcement records and contacting personal references, previous employers, and educational institutions attended.

Those applicants who appear to have the best qualifications will be requested to visit the LSC office to complete a set of written exercises. Based on general qualifications and a review of the exercises, some applicants will be requested to participate in one or more personal interviews with senior staff and the LSC staff director.

Address all inquiries regarding employment to:
Stefanie Thurman
Ohio Legislative Service Commission
(614) 466-3615.

The Ohio Legislative Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer.