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Boards and Commissions

Last Update: 10/19/2023

Doula Advisory Board

Type of Board
R.C 4723.90
Total Membership
At least 13 but not more than 15
Dates of Appointment
Not specified
Term Length
Of the initial appointments, half for a term of one year and half for a term of two years. Thereafter, all terms must be for two years.
Ending Date of Term
Not specified
Report Requirements
Selected by the Board, by a majority vote of a quorum of its members.
Subject To Sunset Review
Restriction on Partisan Affiliation
Senate Confirmation Required
Expiration Date
December 31, 2026
Appointment Authority
Membership Composition
Members with other stated qualifications, Public members
Other, Per diem if requested, and expenses
Staff Assistance
Other, Board of Nursing
Additional Information
A future repeal eliminates the Board on October 3, 2028. The Board is subject to Sunset Review before that date.

At least thirteen but not more than fifteen members appointed by the Board of Nursing, including at least one representative from birthing beautiful communities and one representative from restoring our own through transformation.

The overall composition of the membership of the advisory board must be as follows:

(a) At least three members must represent communities most impacted by negative maternal and infant health outcomes.

(b) At least six members shall be doulas with current, valid certification from a doula certification organization.

(c) At least one member must be a public health official, physician, nurse, or social worker.

(d) At least one member must be a consumer.

(2) Both of the following apply to the Board appointing members to the advisory board:

(a) A good faith effort must be made to select members who represent counties with higher rates of infant and maternal mortality, particularly those counties with the largest disparities.

(b) Priority must be given to individuals with direct service experience providing care to infants and pregnant and postpartum women.