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Boards and Commissions

Last Update: 4/29/2021

Children's Trust Fund Board

Type of Board
R.C. 3109.15
Total Membership
15 (4 legislators)
Dates of Appointment
4 - at the beginning of the General Assembly (legislative members) 3 - 7/2/10 and each 3rd year thereafter 3 - 7/2/11 and each 3rd year thereafter 2 - 7/2/12 and each 3rd year thereafter
Term Length
3 years for gubernatorial appointees;legislative term for legislative members;ex officio
Ending Date of Term
Not specified
Report Requirements
State plan for comprehensive child abuse and neglect prevention filed each biennium beginning July 1 of each odd-numbered year, and fiscal biennium reports relative to Children's Trust Fund expenditures filed with Governor, House Speaker, Senate President, and House and Senate Minority Leaders on or before each January 1 that folows the end of the biennium.
House Speaker appoints chairperson from among House members on the Board during even-numbered General Assembly sessions, and Senate President appoints chairperson from among Senate members on the Board during odd-numbered General Assembly sessions.
Subject To Sunset Review
Restriction on Partisan Affiliation
Senate Confirmation Required
Expiration Date
December 31, 2024
Appointment Authority
Governor, Senate President, Speaker
Membership Composition
House members, Members with other stated qualifications, Public members, Senate members, Statewide elected officials/department heads
Expenses Only
Staff Assistance
Executive agency staff, Own staff, Department of Job and Family Services
Additional Information
8 public members appointed by Governor, who must have demonstrated knowledge in children's programs, be representative of the demographic composition of Ohio and, to the extent practicable, be representative of the education, legal, social work community, medical community, the voluntary sector, and professional providers of child abuse and neglect services. 2 members must be members of the House of Representatives, of different political parties, appointed by the House Speaker, and 2 members must be members of the Senate, of different political parties, appointed by the Senate President. Legislative members serve until the expiration of the session of the General Assembly during which they were appointed, but may serve an unlimited number of successive 2-year terms; members appointed by Governor cannot serve more than 2 consecutive full terms. The Directors of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, Health, and Job and Family Services are ex officio members.