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Boards and Commissions
Ohio Legislative Service Commission
Amusement Ride Safety, Advisory Council on
Status Type of Board Full-time Expiration Date
Current Permanent No 12/31/2024
Subject to Sunset Review Partisan Affiliation Restriction Senate Confirmation Required
Yes No Yes
Authority Total Membership
R.C. 993.02 15
Dates of Appointment Term Length
7 - 2017 and each 6th year thereafter 3 - 2019 3 - 2021 6 years;Ex officio
Ending Date Of Term Report Requirements
Not specified Not applicable
Appointment Authority Membership Composition
Governor, Senate President, Speaker Members with other stated qualifications, Public members, Statewide elected officials/department heads
Compensation Staff Assistance
Expenses Only None specified
Chairperson Additional Information
Designated annually by the Governor None
The Director of Agriculture or the Director's designee; the General Manager of the Ohio State Fair or the General Manager's designee; a person registered as a professional engineer who is a nonvoting member, appointed by the Director of Agriculture; one member of the general public appointed by the Speaker of the House; one member of the general public appointed by the President of the Senate; and the following members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate: (a) a representative of temporary amusement ride owners, (b) a representative of the greater Ohio Showmen's Association and the owner of a ride, (c) three representatives of owners of amusement parks, (d) a representative of the Ohio Fair Managers' Association, (e) a representative of the insurance industry, (f) an engineer, who has an academic degree in engineering and who is knowledgeable in the amusement ride industry, (g) a representative of the Ohio Festivals and Events Association, (h) two representatives of the inflatable amusement ride industry who are owners or operators of inflatable amusement rides or consultants from the industry.